This is a quick and easy place to find out the latest train information from fellow train commuters. All you have to do is select your network rail provider and then bookmark the station and or journey that you are most interested in... Simples.


Hello there, please help give up-to-date train information to fellow commuters... it's simple with twitter!

And lets face it the rail providers are next to useless at providing accurate information.

There is nothing wizz bang about this site it just wants to set some ground rules for tweeting up-to-date info about the state of play on the nations railways. Infact once we have all got to grips with the format you can just use your twitter app on your phone. Just check back once in a while to see which network provider is going to win worst kept network of the year award.


Ok guidlines are simple... good info in means great info out for everyone. Here are a couple of examples

Station Specific Tweet


for those not familiar with twitter tweets are all time stamped so no real need to include the time. But if you catch the station managers name feel free to drop that in... :-)

Journey Specific Tweet


use the 3 letter shortcode specified by Network Rail list of codes here>>

Really Specific Tweet


why the hell not lets include which station and where we are trying to get to in one message and locking it down by prefixing with the TLM means we can better manage the info coming in.



Phone: 08457 484950 Ok this is the NRE number
Skype: simples.

Alternatively, you can reach me by filling out this pretty nifty contact form below which will automagically transport your message left here to my mail inbox, kinda like magic...

OK. Now what you got for me?...

Now, So I know yer not a spam bot.. What's 6+1?